Charles Colbourn - software developer, fell runner, archer, slight musician

I write code. I sometimes study the psychology of language. I run up hills, sometimes lots of them, in the dark and rain. I shoot arrows. I play the flute and piano. My cat doesn't approve of the flute.

Professional interests

I hold bachelors degrees in Psychology and History. My MSc was in psychological research methods, with a focus on natural language acquisition.

I studied part time, whilst working in IT. Since around 2000 I've been a full time software developer. I've done a lot of work in Identity Management and security, and more recently I've worked in health and social care. These days I work for Lhasa Limited writing scientific software.

I'm a pragmatic programmer. I like to write code that is easy to read, easy to maintain and well documented. I'm also interested in the process of development: automated testing; continuous integration; version control etc., all the things that make our lives as developers easier.

I also adapted what I learned from studying natural language acquisition from a connectionist perspective, to my own study of the French language. I blog infrequently about it here. Occasionally I grumble about things code related here, and I'm trying to be more diligent about blogging on dev related subjects in French here.

Contact me

I can be reached through twitter @harefeet, or via linkedin.